Chronological Index

We’re going to attempt to create these posts in a chronological sequence anyway, but just in case we don’t, or in case you want an easy way to pick up the narrative where you left off, we’ll list each of the posts here, sorted by the date the event occurred.

Two exceptions. The two pages below are the blog’s Welcome page, and the About Flio page.


Welcome – This is the main page to the blog, so you’ve probably already read it. If you haven’t, you probably should. It’s also the Home button on the far left of the menu bar.

About Flio – This is an explanation of why the car is called Flio Widdix, along with a picture, etc. It’s also the About Flio button on the menu bar.

Overview Posts

Late 2009 – Chronology in Brief: The Early Stuff (just a quick look at the circumstances leading up to our deciding to go to the UK)

Early 2010 – Chronology in Brief: January and February, 2010 (another brief rundown of the next stage of preparations)

More Detailed Posts

Late 2009 (These posts are about the thought process – when and how and why we decided to go)
Deciding to Go
When Should We Go?
How Long Should We Stay?

January through April, 2010 (much of this could just be classified as Useful Stuff)
Where in the UK Should We Go?
How Much Could We See?
Planes and Trains and Cars, Oh My!
Finding Lodging in Bath
Finding Lodging in London
How Much is This Costing Us?
Last Purchases Before the Trip
To Tour or Not to Tour: Part One
To Tour or Not to Tour: Part Two
Oyster Card or Travelcard: Which to Choose
The Zones of London and Other Transportation
What Minay Packed
What Michael Packed
About the Rest of the Blog (This is the last post before we begin posting the trip diaries and photo albums and trip ledgers).

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