1st E-mail Home (5-7-2010)

As a small addendum to our trip diary entries, I will periodically insert a copy of the e-mails we sent to Minay’s sister, Lyndy. I think there were about nine of them (e-mails, not sisters). I’ll post them, slightly edited, to remove any personal stuff, and (since most of them covered a few days each) I’ll post them after the trip diaries for those dates.

Here’s the first one, dated 5-7-2010.

From: Michael Sirois
To: Lyndy Sherman, Steve Sherman

5/7/2010  10:57 AM

Subject: We’re Here!

Hi, Guys–

It’s 4:50 on our second day in Bath.  We’re taking a little afternoon rest, about an hour, before we head out into the city for supper and then a Bizarre Bath Tour (a blindfolded bawdy historical walking romp through the city — the guide is blindfolded, not the tourists).  Today we walked all over the city centre area from about 10:00 to 3:30.  We saw the Roman Bath House and just wandered in and out of all kinds of shops, and had lunch at a local Cornish Pasty shoppe.  We are dead tired, but mostly from all the lugging of suitcases and all the walking, etc.  We’ve pretty much adjusted to the time zone change, very little jet lag.

Yesterday was a different matter.  We didn’t sleep well on Tuesday night, and neither of us slept much on the plane.  We were trying to go to bed at 6:00 PM, so we just dozed a little, maybe a couple of hours. We got there around 7:00 AM BST, so it felt like 1:00 AM, but we still had to drive about 150 miles across the country (and we had to wait a couple of hours to pick up our car — they have had delays in returns because of the Icelandic volcano).  We stopped in Salisbury and saw Salisbury Cathedral.  Very interesting, and they have a museum there that has one of the only four copies of the Magna Carta in existence.

Driving was really crazy.  Everyone drives fast here, and the roads (many of them) are small, narrow, winding things.  Drivers often cross the middle stripe and take a piece of your lane, so I was always crowding the left side of the road (which I couldn’t see, because I was on the right), so Minay was constantly reminding me that I was drifting off the road.  It was a white-knuckle experience (from gripping the wheel).  We got to Bath about 5:30, and the parking lot next to our guest house had been closed (probably to build a parking garage), so we had to park in another public lot near the train station, so we had to lug our suitcases (uphill instead of down) through a tunnel, about six or seven blocks.  Fortunately the guest house’s manageress has a boyfriend who carried our luggage up to the second floor for us while I was filling out the registration.  BTW, the second floor is three floors up — in the UK, it’s ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor, etc.  We were exhausted when we arrived, so we napped on the bed for an hour or so, and then walked to Sally Lunn’s restaurant (the oldest house in Bath), and had a very nice candlelit dinner — ratatouille, served on top of some Sally Lunn bread, along with some fresh veggies.

That’s all to report for now.  This Internet connection is sporadic, but we’ll send more details for you to report to the Millers when we can.

Michael and Minay,

p.s. – We have a UK cell phone now.  The number is xxxx-xxxx-xxxx, and the country code for the UK is 44, in case you need to reach us (but, shh, don’t tell the Millers).

Michael Sirois

Web: http://michael.sirois.com
E-mail: michael@sirois.com

“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.” — Yogi Berra

Next up, another photo album.

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