Flio’s First Photo Album

Just to get you thinking about everything that’s coming up, here’s a slideshow of two dozen photos from various days throughout the trip. Mouseover the slideshow to click on pause or go forward or back. Right-click on any image and choose “View Image” to see any of them full size (1600 x 1067 pixels). All images are copyright Michael and Minay Sirois. Please don’t use them anywhere without permission.

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Hope you enjoyed them. More to come.

Next up, the Trip Ledger for Day One (May 6th, 2010).


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2 Responses to Flio’s First Photo Album

  1. Deej says:

    Hi M&M! At long last. My first visit. Tho too brief, I finally got here & know I shall return! Those photos are outstanding! Did you guys take them all? They alone are worthy of a book, a film, or other. I’m both smitten, & bitten — w/ the bug to go there ASAP! Just found out my favorite nephew, Michael David Jackson, is planning a month long trip to Ireland, w/ a side of the UK in May. So I sending him your site address per his request. Doesn’t look like you would mind. He’ll no doubt be more likely to extend his present plans to the UK after seeing your great site! Glad you guys finally got there, too! And made this wonderful site to share. Love love love it. & you two, Thanks so much, ever, Deej

    • michael@sirois.com says:

      Hi, Deej — Thanks. Yes, we did take all of these pictures (nearly five thousand over the twenty-three days), but these were some of the best. There will be lots more to come, about ten to twenty for each day we were there. Just click on photo albums on the menu bar at the top of each page. There are only a couple of the photo albums up there now (as of 4-4-2014). We’ll be adding them gradually.


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