My wife, Minay, and I live in Spring, Texas, just a little north of Houston. In 2010 we took a driving trip through England and Scotland. We were gone 22 days (or 23, depending on how you count the time zone shifts), and spent much of it in a car we named Flio Widdix (the license plate was FL10 WDX).

Flio got us from London, across the southern part of England, up through the Midlands to the Lake Country, then across the northern width of England and up into Scotland (to Edinburgh), before we came back down the whole length to London. This blog is a chronicle of that trip, (what worked and what didn’t, and what we would gladly do again, as well as what we think we would do differently next time). And we have pictures! By the way, all of the pictures in the headers at the top of each page were taken on the trip. Each time you load a page, the picture will change.

We’re going to start with a little explanation of how we came to take the trip (okay, maybe several lengthy explanations), and how we prepared for it. What happens before the trip can be just as important as anything that happens during it. After the preludes, we’ll start in on the trip itself.

Also, we will undoubtedly make some comments about British English vs. American English. We’ll usually do that by inserting a quick translation from one language or the other. When we do, the translation will be in parentheses with a language designation. Here’s what it will look like.

The M1 is a large divided highway (BrE – dual carriageway) that runs from Leeds in the north to London in the south.

BrE = British English
AmE = American English


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